Projector Screens

Projector Screens



When there is a projection of a video or a picture, the presence of a projector screen is unavoidable. A projector screen is an extraordinarily made level screen to be held tight the divider or raised upward, where the picture is reflected, with the goal that the picture size is amplified. The surfaces of such screens are generally harsh, and shaded white.


There are various kinds of projector screens. They are home film projector screens, convenient projector screens, manual motorised projector screen , electric projector screens, fixed edge projector screens and furthermore film board home film projection screens.


Home film projector screens are the screens with the visible screen integral to the eye. A portion of the items that are famous include: CinElpro Electric Projection Screens (230cm), Cinema Electrol Projection Screens (190cm), Diplomat Channel Fix Electric Screens (290cm) and Diplomat Channel Fix Manual Video and Screen Formats (290cm).


Convenient projector screens are intended for brief situating or for periodic use. These screens are not difficult to convey to different spots. A large portion of the screens are foldable and are normally conveyed in loops. A portion of the items that are famous are: Fast overlay (427cm), Leader Portable Floor Screens (177cm), Movielux Compact Portable Floor Screens (160cm), Picture King Standard and Video Format Tripod Screens (244cm), and Professional Tripod Screen (240cm).


Manual projector screens can be pulled down and withdrawn back from the roof, or divider mounted. A portion of the items are Proscreen Manual Wall Screens (280cm) and Slim Screen Manual Wall Screens (200cm).


Electric projector screens have mechanized drop and withdrawal using wired switches or controllers.


Fixed edge projector screens are forever fixed edge screens. A portion of the items are Cinema Contour Professional Framed Projection Screens (488cm) and Designer CineFix Home Cinema Projection Screens (200cm).

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