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This will do nothing nothing but show if it would work. If you really want to migrate the data just remove the “–dry” option from above example. This will cause errors to be raised during the imapsync for emails which are larger than 10MB. Errors such as the following will be displayed in the imapsync log. The default is 10MB if it’s not set. At this time the only way to set it is via the command line.

If you want to migrate large mailboxes hundreds of folders and sub-folders containing several thousand messages the default behaviour of imapsync may cause timeouts on the ZCS side. By default imapsync computes a lot of numbers for the sake of statistics only.

By switching this off using. In the case your authentication backend stores user password in encrypted format and you don’t know them, you may have the possibility to add a second authentication backend with the same users but a password of your choice.

With that in place, you can keep your cyrus and zimbra server running with no change for the users, but synchronize with the scripts shown below. Here is a second batch script that will allow different usernames on the Source and Destination servers.

Name this file imapsyncbatch then chmod to execute with. The format for the. Try Zimbra Collaboration with a day free trial.

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Guide to imapsync. KB Last updated on Last updated by Kid 0. Return ‘SSL’ if so. Standard non-SSL port. Standard SSL port. We don’t have SSL installed on this machine. For any other port we need to determine whether it supports SSL. Otherwise do an ordinary login. Log ” Destination is a Cyrus server ” ;. The destination is an Exchange server. Log ” The destination is an Exchange server ” ;. If provided. If an admin user has been provided then use it.

Log in as the user. Get a list of the user’s mailboxes. Get all submailboxes under the ones specified. Get all mailboxes. Exclude certain mailboxes from the list if the user has provided an. He may. Do the exact matches first.

Include all submailboxes. Next do the regular expressions if any. The name of the mailbox is on the next line. Mailbox name is on the next line. Get a list of the user’s messages in the indicated mailbox on. SIZE body. Get the list of flags. Line-wrap, get it from the next line. The message lacks a message-id so construct one. The user said to not copy this message. Get a list of the user’s messages in a mailbox on. No msgs in this mailbox. Determine whether a mailbox exists. Some servers don’t do ‘RFC’ correctly.

Maps src mbxs to dst mbxs. Used to prevent copying dups messages. If the source and destination passwords have been passed as ENV vars. The user must manually subscribe to them. This routine. Workaround for a certain customer. Now select the mailbox. The user has supplied a mbx delimiter and optionally a prefix. Figure out the public mailbox settings. If the mailbox starts with the public mailbox prefix then. Change the mailbox name if the user has supplied mapping rules.

Adjust the mailbox name if the source and destination server. The mailbox name has a character that is used on the destination. We have to replace it. No adjustments necessary.

Put folders under a ‘root’ folder on the dst. Need to substitute the dst’s hierarchy delimiter for the src’s one. Replace the source prefix with the dest prefix. Make sure the flags list contains standard. IMAP flags and optionally custom tags. Should be a standard flag. Make sure it is. Include user-defined flags. This permits the user to. The lines in the file should be formatted as:.

For example:. Action Items: Inbox. This means you” ;. Log “names between the source and destination servers. Issue a ‘LIST “” “”‘ command to find out what the. Reconnect to the servers after a timeout error. Log ” Attempting to reconnect ” ;. Log ” Sleeping 10 seconds ” ;. Log ” Reconnected ” ;. Handle signals. Log ” Resuming ” ;. Make sure the hrs part of the date is 2 digits. At least. Same for the DOM. Remove all messages from a mailbox.

Mark a set of messages for deletion. Takes user, key, and base encoded challenge and returns base Get a list of the user’s messages in a mailbox. No msgid, construct one. The problem with this routine is a mailbox name may be. We have to leave it. Anyway, this code was inserted because of an IMAP.

Open a DBM for this user. Remove the messages from a mailbox. We’ll wrap at characters since.


ImapCopy or fast way to migrate mail between servers –


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The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. If download would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page. Version 1. This download explains how you can migrate mailboxes between IMAP servers with imapcopy.

It downlod the protocols imap and imaps. I’m using two Debian or Ubuntu servers here the procedure should be the same download other distributions, only the installation of Java – which is required by imapcopy – will differ :. I want download migrate the mailbox [email protected] username: [email protected]password: secret on server1.

Because we must полезняк! gta episodes from liberty city download pc free моему all the steps from this tutorial with root download, we can either prepend all commands this tutorial with the string sudoor we become root right now by typing. Before we start, let’s take a look at both mailboxes to see what’s in them you can imapcopy.;l this with an email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, download a web-based email client such as SquirrelMail – I’m using SquirrelMail here.

After the migration, the three messages on server1. It doesn’t matter if we install imapcopy on server1. Java is needed by imapcopy, so we install the package openjdkjre now. Download addition, make sure that unzip is installed so that we can uncompress the imapcopy package:. So the command to copy email messages from [email protected] on server1.

On the target server server2. Long live free, live Debian, Use First free! Also you are aware that google code hosts projects that aren’t created by google right? Not crazy the java req though. It skipped the other folders such concept and trash.

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Imapcopy is released under Download too. Google Google Google Do you known download imapsync “???????? Actually, imapsync is download free. Here is the license. Your name or email address: Do you download have an account?

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[How To Migrate Mailboxes Between IMAP Servers With IMAP TOOLS

Log ” Summary “. The option list:. Log ” response is NULL “. It’s time to copy all of them download The command to copy email messages from [email protected] on the POP3 server server1. You can download that using an email client before starting the migration.


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