Karma, Destiny, Covid, The Big Lies

 Karma, Destiny, Covid, The Big Lies



In the event that you are a given adherent to karma, fate and destiny, you won’t care for what I will say. In any case, in case you are looking for truth, and have a receptive outlook, searching for target realities, then, at that point you might partake in the ideas I will advance here and see where they lead your own ruminations.


Religion has consistently been about control of the majority. That is it’s point and reason, to monitor huge quantities of individuals and simple to maneuver toward doing outrightly strange or underhanded demonstrations.


Returning in history to the ascent of Christianity or Islam, we can see the enormous development of those religions depended on wars, vanquishing more fragile societies, and constraining transformation with the option being demise. How PCR Covid Test might fair individuals assault and murder guiltless unarmed societies? By being so constrained by the ideas of religion and the guarantee of a superior next life.


The reason for religion is to control, and governments are the advanced ‘church’, they are both a similar idea, control the majority. Religion was blurring an option for its, which has prompted the ascent of revolutionary strict developments and a few governments bringing religion into law and social standards. Governments are losing their ability to control the majority, and they expected to figure out how to oversee the populace.


The web has caused a major issue for individuals in power, it has spread data and prompts free thinking about individuals. Occasions like the Arab Spring (a progression of hostile to government fights, uprisings, and equipped uprisings that spread across a significant part of the Arab world in the mid 2010s), or mass uproars in the USA, couldn’t have occurred without the web. The legislatures expected to track down another approach to control individuals, and taking the example from religion, they figured out how to cause individuals to follow like sheep dependent on the idea that the public authority, similar to the strict pioneers, are attempting to secure you, yes you actually.


To control a mass populace is extremely challenging in case they are solid, so like in any conflict, assuming you need to win, you need to debilitate your casualty so they are not difficult to overcome.


Strict creators thought of the idea of Karma, and Destiny. What befalls you presently is your destiny because of something you did in past lifetimes. You have no clue about what that was or what your identity was, yet you acknowledge your destiny and life circumstance now, since you merit it, it is your own shortcoming; karma, fate, and assuming you are respectful now, next life, you will have an award.


That next life could be paradise or another human manifestation, contingent upon the religion you credit to, however the fact of the matter is, you will do what you are told and not retaliate, for something you can’t be guaranteed of having, other than through dazzle confidence.


Religions likewise love the idea of revealing to you how you are so mediocre you can never get God, which bodes well, however that everything is God’s will, and God has an arrangement, so you need to suck it up and acknowledge whatever it is. You are too idiotic to even consider grasping, so ‘trust me’ and I will listen for a minute is truly occurring. On the off chance that you trust them, they are correct, you are too moronic to even consider understanding since you surrendered the valuable and particularly human characteristics of good judgment and legitimate thinking.


On the off chance that predetermination, karma and God’s will is genuine, and that everything is the manner in which God needs it to be, and we are made by God, why do we want to further develop things, to right the wrongs, to help other people and to change ourselves? Clearly, God put those sentiments into us, since all we are is made by God.


Assuming God gave us the craving to change, for what reason would God give us that longing and afterward enlighten us to do nothing regarding this is on the grounds that everything is the manner in which He needs it to be?


The lone way one can acknowledge karma and fate is through daze confidence. There is no rationale or sensible clarification that we ought to languish in this life over things done in a pervious life that we have no clue about what they are, and that in case we are acceptable now, in a next life, which we won’t know around then with regards to this one, we will get a prize. Or on the other hand on the off chance that we give to the congregation and strict pioneers, after we pass on, we will go to paradise, ensured, or your cash back!


Everything’s tied in with preventing you from free reasoning and consistent thinking which is the way you will develop and advance, and supplanting that with a visually impaired confidence in whatever you are told, paying little mind to the realities showing it is bogus.


As God said in the Adam and apple story; ‘Since Adam has eaten from the Tree of Good and Evil, we should keep him from eating of the Tree of Eternal Life, LEST HE BECOME LIKE US.’

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