Have It Flaunt It – Funky, Hand Painted Cocktail and Martini Glasses!

 Have It Flaunt It – Funky, Hand Painted Cocktail and Martini Glasses!


Advise her to throw to the side those exhausting, plain mixed drink glasses and pick these super hot hand painted Lolita glasses that are generally the fury right now. Straight from the US, these extraordinary Lolita glasses have surprised the UK. Exclusively hand painted with wild and astounding plans, every mixed drink glass additionally accompanies a simple to-make formula diamond art at the base to meet any friendly crisis! These glasses are an absolute necessity for the wild partier, for the young lady who loves engaging at home and for pretty much any lady who likes to parade her style in any event, with regards to her mixed drink glass!


These Lolita glasses make incredible conversation starters at parties and change even a basic evening of beverages with companions into an energetic treat for the faculties.


Here is the best of the best of out of control, Lolita mixed drink and martini glasses.


  1. Sex on the Beach Glass – Ideal for – what else – the Sex on the Beach mixed drink. Umm, finally there’s a glass that is audaciously sassy and catches the pith of her cherished mixed drink. This out of control martini glass, complete with the Sex on the Beach theme, conveys the whiff of pungent ocean splash while catching heavenly daylight in its grasp enhanced glass body. Try not to miss the fantastic vodka and schnapps mixed drink formula at the base.


  1. Young lady’s Best Friend Glass – No prizes for think about what the response is. Indeed, precious stones. She can now down her martinis from this dazzling mixed drink glass, complete with a jewel studded (gracious, okay, counterfeit precious stones) slim stem. What an expressive image of all that is so fundamental for a young lady! This dazzling mixed drink glass commends the soul of ‘precious stones are a young lady’s dearest companion!


  1. ‘Who Needs a Man’ Glass – Getting over a sweetheart? She can move past ‘him’ in style with this suitably named, ‘Who needs a man?’ martini glass. On second thought, who needs a man (read animal) to wreck her life when she can have a fabulous time with every one of her lady friends? The hand-painted, ‘young lady power configuration’ wisely records every one of the pleasant things she can in any case in all actuality do despite the fact that she feels like her reality has imploded. A genuine shot in the arm in every imaginable way!


  1. Shopaholic Martini Glass – This is one more hot ” happening new thing, only in from the US. An out of control, hand painted glass with a distinction, and one that will please the enthusiastic customer. Indeed, the fanatic shopaholic makes certain to require a couple of mixed drinks to fail to remember the loathsomeness of that most recent Visa bill! What’s more it has a perfect formula at the base as well.


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